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Thanks for finding my coaching page. At the moment I’m not taking on new clients. The good news is that I do know some incredible business and life coaches – so if you’re interested in a referral, please email me at: hello@joelprimus.com 

Health & Strength 


Unlock an empowered state in your work, relationships, mental and physical health.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve competed as a runner at world championships, led intensive boot camps, built international brands, co-founded a Nasdaq-listed company, and raised millions of dollars for start-up companies. I am deeply passionate about dedicating a portion of my time to helping people – executives and entrepreneurs – cultivate balance, as well as inner strength and wellbeing, on their path to personal and professional success.

You’ll see how different areas of life – money, family, intimacy and emotional well being can be handled in the same coaching session, as well as how we can utilize the body to create incredible healing.

You may be a C-suite executive, a successful entrepreneur, or a dreamer ready to start your first business. If you’re courageous and committed and seeking support to break through to a higher level then I’m game. If you’ve found your way here, I have no doubt you are!

21- Day Transformation Course

  • This online program is for individuals who self-motivated and seek to go beyond their current achievements and are ready for the tools to reaching their next level.
  • In this immersive course experience, we’ll uncover the core of your current challenges, empower you to break through to a new level of thinking, and re-shape your habits as you design and live the life you truly seek.
  • Sign-up includes a free copy of Getting Naked.
  • By signing up for this course you will unlock powerful content you can utilize for years to come.


Two Week Power Activation Course

  • This powerful and immersive one on one course is for individuals who seek to go beyond their current achievements and are ready for the support in reaching their next level.
  • One full day of One to One powerful work packed with intention and deep purposeful work can change the course of your life.
  • Followed by 2-weeks of continued worksheets, personalized support (including Q&A) and a final one on one session at then end of the period
  • During our time together we’ll get to the bottom of your mental blocks and habits, then re-align with your intentions while mapping out a plan to build a thriving life and business.
  • Sign-up includes a Free copy of my book “Getting Naked”, 10 Course Books and 2 Journals.


One-to-one Exclusive Coaching

  • We all need an objective sounding board, someone who isn’t our spouse or business partner. Even coaches need coaches!
  • Participating in ongoing sessions is your key to continuing forward momentum and personal and professional growth on your terms.
  • Together, we’ll further empower your decision making, life & business strategies as well as your mental and physical health.