Show Notes

Check out my recent podcast on Mindfulness Mode with the delightful and brilliant Bruce Langford.

Most Influential Person

•Tim Ferriss / Jason Gordon, Dr. of Chinese Medicine Alchemical Courtyard / Sam Harris

Effect on Emotions

• Mindfulness gives us the freedom and the choice to love and hate, to react or not react.

• Mindfulness gives us the space to make that choice. In most cases it gives me the moment of pause I need to not react as much as I maybe otherwise would.

Thoughts on Breathing

• Breathing is THE tool that allows our mind to calm. I am not a fancy breather. I do write some blogs about Wim Hof and this and that and there are some really great techniques out there for falling asleep, there’s box breathing, but I’m pretty old school.

• If I just put all my focus on the breath coming into my nose and focus on nothing more than the sensation of that feeling, once, twice, three times, I feel a million times better.

Suggested Resources

• Book: Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality by Anthony Demello

• App: Sam Harris App; Waking Up / Kevin Rose App; Oak

• Book: Getting Naked by Joel Primus