Interiew with Michael Roderick on the Access to Anyone podcast

If there’s one thing that author and Naked founder Joel Primus has learned, it’s that we never have only one hero’s journey. And in today’s episode, he reveals why we should always seize the chance when the universe calls on us for new adventures. During our chat, Joel also gets candid about the ups and downs of starting his underwear business from the ground up, talks about his experience on the hit show Dragon’s Den, and shares the importance of helping others learn from your mistakes.

Topics include:

  • The true importance of asking questions
  • The most profound lessons he’s learned from his investors
  • Discovering other people’s values (and what it means for your business)
  • What a surprising story about salt taught him about entrepreneurship
  • Why product marketing is all about value sharing (and not the product itself)
  • Focusing less on innovation (and more on tweaking)
  • Insights from his book, Getting Naked: The Bare Necessities of Entrepreneurship & Start-ups
  • Why businesses sometimes have unhappy endings (and why that’s okay)
  • Why you’re not entitled to anything but your attitude and effort
  • And so much more!