Rock Your Money Podcast with Rock Thomas: The Bare Necessities Of Entrepreneurship

In this episode of Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life, Joel and I discuss the bare necessities of entrepreneurship, how his love for running led him down a slippery slope, and why personal growth is the key to building a business you love.

Success to Re-wilding, an Entrepreneurial Journey

In these two podcasts, we the great coach, business and marketing strategist, Dov Baron and I discuss: the power of the gentle warrior,  the cost of living in the ‘Hustle’, the falsehood of hard work, how to rewild your being for clarity and more.

The Opposite Entrepreneur Podcast

On the Opposite Entrepreneur Podcast host Mike Regina and I discuss:
– Finding your why
– How to Implement Objective-Based Marketing, and
– Breakthrough boundaries to take your career to new heights!

The Authors Unite Show

Tyler Wagner and I dive into bio-hacking, psychedelics, micro-dosing, running and entrepreneurship in this wide ranging conversation on the Authors Unite Podcast

Is It Time For Your Business To Get Naked

Thoroughly enjoyed this chat  with Justin Recla from the Superpowers Podcast Team. Together, we explore some of the concepts of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to cultivate balance in your life.

Meer’s The More We Know Podcast

In this long-format podcast Meer and I have a wide ranging conversation that includes start-ups, investing and raising money in the public and private sectors. 

Mindset That Helps Entrepreneurs Survive The Race

In this episode of Honest Conversations with Kristina Mand-Lakhiana we discuss the entrepreneurial mindset.

Game Changer Mentality Podcast with Rodney Flowers

Being humans, everyone grows up with weaknesses. It’s up to you to start finding your power and free yourself from these shackles. Serial entrepreneur Joel Primus joins Rodney Flowers in this episode to discuss what this power is all about, how you can harness it and be more resilient than ever.

Bookthinker Podcast with Nicholas Hutchinson

Nicholas Hutchinson and I dive our start up story while discussing the importance of reading and lifelong learning.

Interview with Dr. Paul Jenkins on on Live On Purpose Radio

In this interview I speak with Dr. Paul Jenkins about how my business achieved $1Million in sales in 30 days. The secrets learned can help you avoid the common pitfalls and keep the most important things in place.

Interview with Jules Schroeder on the Unconventional Life podcast

I’m so elated to share with you my interview on the top-ranked podcast for entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, and thought leaders, Unconventional Life with Jules Schroeder, a successful entrepreneur herself, and an artist.

Here I talked about stepping back and realigning with your internal foundations, my current path for growth, and what it’s like living an unconventional life!

Interview with Tracy Crossley on the Deal With It! Podcast

In this episode:

A no BS conversation with Tracy Crossley about Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life.

Interview with Andrew Medal on the Action and Ambition podcast

In his new series Action and Ambition, featured on, host Andrew Medal goes behind the scenes to learn the backstories, mindsets, and actions of the world’s most ambitious people.

In this episode:

  • Starting underwear brand Naked and going public
  • Starting a travel company, Kosan Travel, adored by travelers around the world
  • Filming my documentary “Raising Global Citizens”
  • My book “Getting Naked” released on February 1, 2021

Interview with Janice Mcdonald on the Fearless Woman podcast

In this episode:

How challenges you face on the path of entrepreneurship could cause you to question your purpose and your mission. Will you fight through the challenges and emerge successful?

Interview with Amber-Lee Lyons on Chakra Girl Radio:

In this episode: 

      • Building a business as a channel for our growth
      • How “getting naked” will help you strip away the old programming
      • The true balance of masculine and feminine energy (and how to fully embrace them!)

Interview with Kerri Macaulay on the Choose Unstoppable podcast:

Grab a coffee and enjoy my recent chat with the incredible and lovely Kerri Macaulay.

Interview with JV Crumm III on The Conscious Millionaire Show:

I was interviewed on the Conscious Millionaire Podcast Network, named in Inc Magazine as one of the Top 13 Business Podcasts. The show is for entrepreneurs, coaches, marketers and business owners who want to make their First Million.

Interview with Jeremy Park on the ChangeMakers podcast:

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Joel Primus, who was the creative visionary and founder of Naked – a premium underwear company.

Interiew with Michael Roderick on the Access to Anyone podcast

Interview with Michael Roderick on the Access to Anyone podcast:

In this episode:  Why we should always seize the chance when the universe calls on us for new adventures.

Topics include:

      • The true importance of asking questions
      • The most profound lessons learned from investors
      • And more!


Interview with Jaemin Frazer On the Insecurity Project Pod Cast:

In this great conversation we cover these topics and many more:
• Michael Jordan’s legacy


Thought Leaders Business Lab podcast  With Samantha Riley

• Who is Joel Primus? (01:39)
• Entrepreneurship is a journey (04:01)


Building The Future Radio Show

With Kevin Horek

Awesome chat about all things Entrepreneurship with the Kevin Horek on the Building The Future Radio Show

Back 2 Basics Podcast

On this episode of Back 2 Basics with Girish Bali, we discuss and array of topics including family, entrepreneurship and personal development.



Show Notes

Check out my recent podcast on Mindfulness Mode with the delightful and brilliant Bruce Langford.


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