Entrepreneurial Role Models:

Jason Gordon, Miami

When business started difficulties overcame: “taking the leaps are often very hard because they involve the most amount of trust. And those leaps get harder when you know what’s at stake. In the beginning you just kind of jump into something and you don’t really know what potential costs are – that thing not working out or this or that so you just take them. And then as you get farther down in your business you realize oh my gosh this leap could have XYZ affect. So that’s where that courage really comes in”…

Favourite Books:

The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire Book by David Deida

Favourite Quote:

~”And so, he realizes that who he is, is already that one, he is already free” David Deida

Recommended Online Resources:

Harvard Business Review – Find new ideas and classic advice on strategy, innovation and leadership, for global leaders from the world’s best business and management experts

Morning Brew – The daily email newsletter covering the latest news from Wall St to Silicon Valley Informative, witty, and everything you need to start your day

Best Advice to Other Entrepreneurs:

“You are not entitled to the result. What you are entitled to in your process as an entrepreneur is your attitude and your work, your work ethic, your effort. When you focus on your attitude are you going to bring that whole, that positivity, that presence to what you are doing and just always be the person that brings that glass half full energy and the work ethic that needs to come behind that. You can feel good about as good as you can I guess it’s fair to say about anything that happens with your business and twists and turns that it takes. You know you brought that work ethic, that effort, that attitude always. And that is what you are relentless with and it’s also freeing in the sense that this is what I control. I control my effort and I control my attitude and the rest will figure itself out. ”

Neil’s Quote at the Beginning:

“Everyone who achieves success in a great venture, solves each problem as they came to it. They helped themselves. And they were helped through powers known and unknown to them at the time they set out on their voyage. They keep going regardless of the obstacles they met.” W. Clement Stone

Other Quotes From the Chat with Joel Primus:

“I feel like we have to look at role models in the sense that… I’m either trying to learn something specific, there is a specific moment in time that this role model or this person is going to be helpful to me. If I am transitioning a company that’s very different than if I am in the start-up phase of a company and it might mean different role models or different mentorships. And now I’m at the point where it’s whose life do I want to emulate in terms of the balance that they are cultivating alongside the success as a businessman or businesswoman? Versus someone who is super successful but works incredibly hard and they work 18 hours every single day. That’s not the right role model for me by their success. So, I’ve become incredibly selective ”

“I have got to slowdown. I have to have the discipline because it’s not hard to layer on, it’s not hard to work harder. That’s easy, that’s the easy part that entrepreneurs know inside and out. Entrepreneurs have one awesomely incredibly mind-boggling hard speed. And it’s go and it’s do and it’s add. And I have found that slowing down, editing, those types of things actually allow you to reach your success points faster or it can be helpful in that.”

“It happens when we learn to undo the negative stories and the negative self-talk that derail so much of our presence and enjoyment in life. And so, you have to do that self-work and it frees you, it frees your mindset to the unlimited potential of what you actually can achieve” “mindset has a ceiling and if you want to breakthrough that ceiling you have to expand beyond it and believe that anything and everything is possible for you because you are not limited yourself any more to this, I can only do this because of that” “there is no there that’s going to be better. It’s here, it’s now, it’s already in me. And all I have to do is breathe it into me and I can feel that piece and that freedom”