My name is Joel Primus. Welcome to my blog and personal and professional coaching and consulting site. I launched it as a way to pass along the lessons I’ve acquired during my travels across this planet and through my experiences as a husband, father, athlete and entrepreneur.

As a former elite long distance runner, I  was fortunate enough to represent Canada at the World Youth Games. I’ve slowed down a bit as my priorities change with age, but I still love a daily physical challenge.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and enjoy working with other entrepreneurs. I get a thrill out of building companies. In 2008 I started Naked and after 10 years I sold that business. I’ve filmed a documentary about the importance of travel as a way of educating children to become citizens of the world; I’m positioned to publish my first book in January 2021, and I also speak publically.

My wife, Janna, and I have two daughters, Quinn and Romyn, who are eight and five years old and always keep us on our toes. My three girls are turning me into a better person and instill me with deep pride and joy each and every day. We’ve lived in New York City, Vancouver and now live on a farm.

I try to live life as if it were a dance. I continuously strive for spontaneity and adventure; focus and purpose in my businesses; spending quality time with my family and friends, and finding balance with all that and within myself. I believe it’s important to spend time in nature for regeneration of the spirit and to travel widely to find out what’s going on in the rest of the world. These experiences inspire, educate and shape us. This is what I want to share with you.

Experience is the best teacher – especially when we open our minds and hearts to the lessons the universe brings to us in our daily lives.

On my blog I share a wide array of lessons from Breath Work and Acceptance to Re-Wilding, Workouts, Law of Attraction and beyond! Through my coaching services I will help you process your current circumstances, gain clarity and develop plans on how to move forward, and create new thought patterns and habits to help you reach your goals.

Arising out of my many experiences I have become known for my ability to support people to become their best selves, consistently break through their own boundaries and take their own careers, businesses and personal lives to new heights!

Sawubona is an African Zulu tribe greeting that means “I see you. I see your humanity. I see your dignity and respect.” In the village context, it’s an exceedingly powerful representation of understanding.

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