A Documentary About the Importance of Travel

Joel, Janna, Quinn and Romyn walking down the street in Vietnan

My family and I filmed a documentary about our journey around the world and in particular our effort to raise global citizens. The narrative strikes out to break down insular views, promote cultural diversity, and highlight travel as the an excellent tool for educating children in the ways of the world.

We filmed in Colombia, Argentina, Taiwan, Yukon Territory, Vietnam and Lebanon.

Check out Raising Global Citizens for updates or follow us on Instagram @raisingglobalcitizensfilm.


Pilot Project in Production

An avid outdoorsman invites his cousin Joel to leave the city life and join him in the pursuit of building a new remote wilderness cabin. Before they’re ready to start, Joel must learn how to hunt, fish and build.

The series explores themes of rewilding, survival education, wilderness and animal conservation, small town life, family and our history as humans who once lived off the land!

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